I had the privilege of cooking dinner tonight for Chloe and Dimi. OK – in the spirit of full disclosure, I had the privilege of applying heat to a pre-made store bought chicken and vegetable pasta bake that would have appalled my Granny, were she still alive. And living in Australia. AND witness to this […]

The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

It’s official. I’m a geek. Yeah, I know…hardly any news to you, the reader. To me, however, it has snuck up on me gradually over the past two decades. It was a slow sneak. Real sneaky like. So if I’m finally admitting that I’m a geek, then I’ve got to temper it with an alternative […]

You Really Want to Make A Difference?

It’s Thursday afternoon. I’m on a train. Again. Heading for home, standing half of the way, finally getting a seat somewhere around Chatswood. And because I have a hard time standing and writing, I use the vertical part of my commute to catch up on news. I’m on a train, heading home. But I’ve just […]

The Cheatsheet

Every developer has one…the Cheat Sheet. From the fresh from University Grad through to the most seasoned and grizzled Software Engineer, we all need a common place to store that perfect, yet obscure, command. And let me pause for just a second to reflect on the various names we call ourselves: Coder, Cutter, Hack, Script […]

An Injured Runner Does…What?

The unfortunate part of this particular entry is the state of my running…or rather, lack thereof. I’ll assume that you’ve already figured out that I’m injured (from the title…if you haven’t, then I’d suggest something a little easier to digest) and I’ll assume that you’re curious about how it happened. So, simply put, here is […]

A Week In Seven Days

The water hit my head like it was being sprayed from a high pressure dish cleaner at the back of a busy restaurant…kind of odd behaviour for a shower head, but this was a shower block in Camp Scholler at Airventure, after all…and what passes for a shower in that neck of the woods is, […]